i’ve had this fantasy SO MANY TIMES

A good example of a rape joke that’s funny, in my opinion. Because the victim isn’t the butt of the joke, the ridiculous idea that our society makes it dangerous just to have a vagina is the butt of the joke.

emphasis mine because it’s WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING ARUGHESIF

but fucking Wanda Sykes. What an awesome lady.

I still say we need a better way to describe this than a “rape joke” as if it’s the equivalent of the crap spewed by Tosh and his merry band of fools and supporters. Rape culture joke, maybe? I don’t know. I’m just kind of tired of saying “rape jokes aren’t okay unless they’re these rape jokes” and trying to explain, because it’s just too confusing to the ignorant.

(1) Wanda Sykes for President. (2) I had a hard time articulating it before now, but yeah, amaditalks hits it perfectly: Sykes told a rape culture joke. A clever one, at that. Because as emilie-rainbow pointed out, the butt of the joke was not rape victims, but society’s tendency to reduce women’s identities to being walking hypersexualized  orifices. 

I’d argue this very point of distinction would be vital in dealing with anyone rationalizing Tosh. 

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    And it’s told by a woman. No matter who I never find it funny when allies men make jokes about men raping women.
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