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mom’s watching TV and a commercial for The Big Bang Theory came on and the announcer dramatically announced how the latest episode would feature the girls going WHERE NO WOMAN HAS GONE BEFORE

and the camera panned to the girls walking into an arcade full of surprised dudes


1) It was actually a comic book store, and while I like the show, I hate how they portray nerds and comics and cons

2) The episode itself was actually really good in the girls got into the comics and started arguing about them and putting thought and research into them. As in showing that comics are interesting to anybody (they never really showed nerd girls before, it was mostly awkward boys or mentions of over weight female cosplayers). So honestly if they keep the girls interested in comics maybe the show can actually become more nerd friendly.

3) Finally the episode might make it more NERD FRIENDLY!, which I so desperately want to happen

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Not sure whether to laugh or twitch uncontrollably